Fantastic results, fast recovery

With the highly advanced FP4 laser we can treat a wide range of injuries. Tendons, ligaments and muscles get specialized treatment with this high power laser. Horses with minor tendon injuries come to our clinic for a period of two weeks, where they are treated on daily base with the FP4 laser.


After the period of two weeks the horse is ready to be sent home and start rehabilitating with a personalized program. If your accommodation or personal situation is not suitable for this rehabilitation program, there is a possibility to finish the whole program at our clinic.

The FP4 laser works with four laser rays with four wave lenghts at the same time, which has provided excellent results. The time that stands for rehabilitation in cases of injuries in tendons and ligament, is much shorter compared to other traditional rehabilitation treatments, and therefore makes it possible for top horses to return to compete at a top level again.

In 90% of the acute cases there is no permanent damage to the tendon, when the laser treatment is started immediately after the injury has occurred.


  • Laser treatment is painless
  • 90% improvement within two weeks
  • Short period of recovery
  • Strong and healthy tendon tissue after laser treatment
  • Back at high level competing within six months